Verrien a Digital Magazine

Verrien’s news coverage and other content is dedicated to being objective and fact-checked in accordance with the highest journalistic standards. Launched in 2015, Verrien is a digital magazine that aims to fulfill the traditional magazine’s function of disseminating timely news, comprehensive how-to guides, and critical analyses. Our goal is to supply you with the most recent information and the best tools available. Because we want you to make educated purchases, we put products through rigorous testing and provide in-depth buyer’s guides. Verriens is a subsidiary of SKG Corp Ltd. An online-first media conglomerate. Each article is reviewed by a seasoned editor before publication, and our guides are checked and updated on a regular basis or as needed to ensure they are always accurate and up to date. While we do create a lot of our own graphics and drawings, our writers are required to only make use of public domain materials and include a link to the original when they do use images not created by us. We intend to establish ourselves as the most reputable and widely read source of news and how-to guides in the field.Currently, advertisements are welcome on Verrien. Affiliate programs are used where relevant. A little commission for bringing in new customers is a perk offered by some affiliate programs provided by various businesses. A participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which enables sites to earn advertising revenue by advertising and linking to, Verrien participates in this program. Our editorial integrity is never compromised by affiliate revenue, and we never link to a site for the sole purpose of making a profit. No affiliate program or not, if a site is important to our coverage, we will connect to it.

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