How do you pronounce that? Hiking in Sweden

Our goal here at hikesinsweden is to encourage and equip hikers so that they may discover the unspoiled wilderness that is Sweden. We feel strongly that everyone should have the chance to enjoy the life-changing and enlightening experience that is hiking.Our goal with this blog and associated materials is to help hikers in Sweden with trip planning, route research, and making friends in the outdoors. Our goal is to ensure that people of all ages, abilities, and socioeconomic backgrounds may participate in and enjoy hiking.We see hiking as an opportunity to go outside, discover new places, and make lasting experiences with friends and family. Our goal is to provide hikers with information that is helpful, interesting, and inspirational, and that embodies our values of respect, community, authenticity, creativity, and acceptance.Our ultimate objective is to encourage hikers to adopt eco-friendly habits that will protect Sweden’s natural wonders for future generations. We hope that through fulfilling our purpose, more people will be encouraged to experience the great natural beauty of hikesinsweden.Sarek is a harsh wilderness region where some of Sweden’s most breathtaking landscapes may be seen. The park lies in the northern part of Sweden and is well-known for its natural beauty. There are no path markers in the park, so hikers will need to be familiar with navigating in the bush on their own. In the summer, when temperatures are more pleasant and days are longer, the park is at its most inviting.

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